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What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes dementia and memory loss. This disease is caused when brain cells start dying. This disease starts slowly and over the passage of time it progresses and patients are unable to remember anything properly and need assistance to live their everyday lives. To date, there is no possible way to treat or detect Alzheimer’s before its onset.

As per an estimate, there are more than 30 million people in the world who suffer from this neurodegenerative disease. This disease kills more than 2 million people every year. It usually affects people over the age of 60 and around 5% of the people over the age of 65 suffer from this disease. Caring for patients with Alzheimer’s is costly and as per an estimate per month cost for caring for an Alzheimer’s patient can be around $5,000 per month.

What are symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s causes dementia, which is the general word for memory loss. Apart from this, there are many behaviors and symptoms that could be symptoms of Alzheimer’s. We will discuss some of these symptoms that the majority of patients suffer.

Memory Loss

This is the most important and noticeable symptoms. Patients tend to forget all sorts of things. Usually starting with things of everyday use. Overtime patients tend to forget things they are supposed to do and how they are to be done. As the disease gets severe patients to tend to forget more and more things.

Difficulty with everyday tasks

Patients usually start forgetting how they are supposed to everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning at later stages of this disease. Yet they might be able to do such tasks, but it requires more concentration, thinking, and time to do tasks that used to be simple and quick.

Forgetting where they are

Patients with severe Alzheimer’s start forgetting the time and place they are. Patients usually forget there they are how they got there or what they were supposed to do at that place. While on the other hand patients may lose track of time and feel as if they are somewhere in their past. This may confuse them and they might start discussing events from their past as if they are happening in the present.

Forgetting words and hard time explaining stuff

While talking patients with Alzheimer’s can suddenly forget words or have a hard time selecting words that they need to use to explain something. This can make conversations long and difficult to understand.

Placing items at unusual places

Many patients forget where certain things are supposed to be kept, as a result, they keep things wherever they see fit. Patients can put kitchen utensils in washrooms and toiletries in the room. Usually, it gets really hard to look for things as patients fully forget where they placed things such as keys and glasses.

Difficulty in making decisions

Patients are unable to make simple decisions like when to eat, where to sit when to go out, or about doing anything else. The first noticeable symptom is poor judgment in making financial choices. Patients tend to spend a lot of money even though they don’t need to. While many patients give away money more than they are supposed to. Patients have been seen handing out $100 notes instead of $5 for their bills.

Deteriorating mental health

Patients with Alzheimer’s suffer from confusion all the time as they are having a hard time understanding what’s happening or what they are supposed to do. Forgetfulness creates fear of many different things when people keep on forgetting things. With time patients start suffering from depression and anxiety as they are hopeless because they have no possible option to recover from this disease.

What causes Alzheimer’s?

The cause of Alzheimer’s is a build-up of different proteins in the brain that almost suffocate and starve the brain cells to death. Slowly the brain cells die and over the passage of time the size of the brain decreases and it keeps on losing its capabilities. Although we know how it happens researchers are unable to determine what causes the body and brain to start the accumulation of these proteins in the brain. Increasing age, genetics, head injuries, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and other mental illnesses all increase the risk of a person suffering from this health problem.

How to prevent Alzheimer’s?

There is no possible way to fully prevent this disease. The only option patients have is to delay it for as long as possible. A better lifestyle is the key to keep the brain healthy. Keeping the weight, blood pressure, and other vitals in control can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s for some time.

Is there a treatment for Alzheimer’s?

There is no treatment available for Alzheimer’s. Once the brain cells are dead, there is no way to bring them to life and return the memories that were stored in these cells. The only option that people have is to take medications that help in managing the symptoms of this health problem. For this patients need to be thoroughly tested and checked by a neurologist or a doctor.