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What is HPV?

A virus named human papillomavirus which has over 100 variants may cause viral infection in human bodies, each of a different kind. It may cause skin and mucous membrane growths, warts or even some kind of cancers.

Does HPV Cause Cancer?

Not all HPV cause cancer but the genital HPV involving the genitals may cause cervical, anal, vaginal and penis cancer. The most common out of all is the cancer of the cervix in women. All of these infections are known to be sexually transmitted or with the skin to skin contact. 

Is There A Vaccine For HPV?

There are three different kinds of vaccines that are approved by the FDA and can be used to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts. One of them can be used from ages 9 to 45 but is said to work better if given at a younger age. This is to prevent the disease before the people are exposed to the virus.

Risk Factors:

A weak immune system is a harbor to many diseases as it makes your body vulnerable. So this increases the risk of getting an HPV infection. The immune system is compromised in AIDS, organ transplants, and with immune-suppressing drugs. Having multiple sexual partners increases the risk too. A person who has sexual intercourse with someone who has had multiple sexual partners is also the one at risk. Direct contact with the virus also puts the person on risk, for example, touching someone’s wart, or touching surfaces that have been exposed to the virus. It is also very important to note if you get genital warts during your pregnancy, your child may likely suffer from HPV infection. 

When To See A Doctor?

Any growth or wart that is painful or discomforting should be taken to the doctor for proper checkups. In kids, warts may cause bullying in schools which leads to anxiety and depression, so it must be treated accordingly. 

What Are Possible Treatments For HPV?

Salicylic acid helps to remove the wart’s layer one by one, trichloroacetic acid is also recommended. Surgical procedures may include laser, cryotherapy, electrotherapy or surgical removal. Every treatment is decided after thorough examination and diagnosis as different kinds of infections require different treatments. Your skin specialist can provide all the required guidance as per the HPV virus that you have.